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It is with great sadness that we will be closing the shop on Saturday 27th April 2024.

Stock in the shop will be available to purchase until 27th April so please come and get any final bits you need!

We will do our best to support with any gun transfers needed within this timeframe.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our customers over the past 40 years for your custom.


From the Hobbs family


Please contact Paul on 01761 413961 for further information.


Special Offer


Walther PPQ M2 Long Barrel Pistol, comes with a Faux barrel shroud, Two 12 round mags and its hard carry case

All NEW and direct from the importers

At Just £910 for the package.



In stock we have a limited amount of Magtech primers

Large Rifle Primers at £118 per 1000

Small Rifle Primers at £82 per 1000

Large Pistol Primers at £118 per 1000

Small Pistol Primers at £82 per 1000


Also in stock we have

.22 CCI Standard for the Sport Rifle Shooters

.22 CCI Mini Mag

Please phone for up to date prices


16 bore and 28 bore also in stock at-

16 bore 28 gram 5 shot fibre at £99 per slab

28 bore 25 gram 5 shot fibre at £106 per slab 


For the pigeon / vermin shooter we have the renowned cartridge from Gamebore. 

Clear Pigeon Fibre Wad at £88 per slab of 250 

Also Hull Cartridge Super-Fast Pigeon Fibre Wad at £83 per slab of 250


And for those simulated game days 

We have Gamebore EVO 21-gramFibre Wad at £70 per slab of 250 

Also Hull Cartridge Comp X 21-gram Fibre Wad at £70 per slab of 250 

Or,Gamebore EVO 24 gram Fibre Wad at £75 per slab of 250


Or for the guys that like maximum bang for their buck 

We haveGamebore Velocity Plus 28 gram fibre wad at £72 per slab of 250 

Or Hull Super-Fast 27 gram Fibre Wad at £74 per slab of 250


Other Cartridges from Gamebore and Hull Cartridge in stock including 20 bore, 16 bore, 28 bore and of course .410 


Discounts are available on any quantity of 1000 plus cartridges.


 Shooting Club Deals


Are you a member or an official of a shooting club?

If so try our prices for bulk club orders, we won’t be beaten on our prices for .22, .38special .357mag, .44mag .223 or .308

Eley, RWS, CCI, PPU, Sellier & Bellot, Federal Hornaday and just about any other brand that you or your club require, just phone the shop on 01761 413961 for the current best price for your needs.


Specialists Firearms Service and Repair Center,

Contact us for more details


We are main agents for Accles & Shelvoke of Birmingham and can offer their full range of captive bolt stunners and humane killers, along with various ammunition crimps and a full service and repair facility.  

“ A.M. Hobbs Firearms LTD are also Section 5 dealers and will be happy to help with any humane dispatch items that you may require”.

“All inquiry's with regard to these weapons should be made via email in the first instance”


Welcome to AMHobbsFirearms website! 

We are a major supplier to several clubs in the South West area;

We can offer good discounts on bulk purchases. 

We can offer ammunition from Eley, RWS, Lapua, PPU, Magtech and Sellier and Bellot amongst others.

Any order on any mixed 5000 rounds of .22 ammo will give a good discount.

Large stocks held, specified speeds on Eley Tenex and RWS R50 are available to order, Please phone us on 01761 413961 with yours or your clubs needs.

PPU ammo in the favourite calibres always in stock. 


Bulk buy and club purchases will attract a discount.

Primers, nitro and black powder in stock.


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